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What if there was a simple way to engage in real-time dialogue with patients and families, capturing their thoughts, opinions, and impressions as they made their way through your facility?   If that could identify key factors that would guide your performance improvement projects, would you want to begin right now?

You can do it with Shadowing!

Shadowing is a low cost, high impact approach that enables care providers and health care organizations of all sizes to continuously improve care experiences by viewing and understanding care through the eyes of the patient and family. By following along in the patient’s and family’s footsteps, noting the details of the experience and recording their observations, Shadowers get a real-time view of what patients and families encounter along their health care journey, which creates an urgency to drive change.

Benefits for Care Providers and Health Care Organizations

Improve Outcomes and Experiences by Partnering with Patients in the Real-Time Design of Care Delivery.

      • Generate that sense of urgency to drive changes.
      • Eliminate unnecessary steps and inefficiencies by working via the online collaboration platform.

Build Care Teams to Drive and Implement Improvements while Delivering Great Care with Shadowing and Co-Design as a Foundation, Care Teams Benefit from Real-Time Information.

      • Determine true and accurate current state care process maps.
      • Capture objective and subjective information and insights from the patient and family at the point of care.
      • Real-time accounting of the actual experiences and embedded insights from shadowers to inspire process improvements.

Develop and Support High-Performance Care Teams Develop a Sense of Urgency within the Discussion to Drive Change and Innovation.

    • Engage frontline staff teams in a continuous dialog around patient and family centered care practices and improvements.
    • Change your culture.

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