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PFCC Go Guide ®

Patient & Family Centered Care Methodology & Practice 101

The PFCC Go Guide introduces the Six-Steps of the PFCC Methodology & Practice (PFCC M/P™).  Now in its third edition, the PFCC Go Guide continues to be the premier resource for creating a PFCC culture within your care experience and achieving the PFCC Trifecta of better outcomes, improved experiences and reduced costs.  Get tips and insight from current PFCC Champions and learn how implementing the PFCC M/P in your care experience can help you close the gaps between the current state and the ideal state of care delivery. Download Guide

ProjectGuideWeb_coverProject Team Guide

Add a Playbook to Kick Start Your Project Team

The PFCC Project Playbook is the latest edition to the Go Guide series. It offers Project Team Co-leads, a guided start up for the formation of Project Teams, tracking tools to use along the way and resources for sharing completed projects with the PFCC Community. Download Guide

ShadowGuideWeb_coverShadowing Guide

View and Co-Design Ideal Care Experiences

Shadowing is a low cost, high impact approach that enables care givers to view all care through the eyes of patients and families.  By following along in the patient’s and family’s footsteps, noting the details of the journey and recording  observations,  Shadowers get a real-time view of what patients and families actually encounter.  Shadowing makes a connection between care givers, patients and families that creates the empathy and sense of urgency needed to drive change.  The GoShadow Guide provides in-depth instruction on how to shadow and report your findings to your PFCC Working Group. Download Guide

ShadowJournalWeb_coverShadowing Field Journal

An On-the-Go Tool For Shadowers in the Field

The Shadowing Field Journal is the ultimate on-the-go Shadowing resource.  Full of helpful tips, forms and templates, the Shadowing Field Journal provides all the tools needed to Shadow in the field and evaluate the current state of any care experience.  Once you have Shadowed, the included Care Experience Flow Map template will help you identify the touchpoints and care givers that are part of the patient and family journey. Use this information to create your shadowing report, and ultimately, your PFCC Working Group. Download Journal



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